About our leather
We source our leathers from every corner of the globe recognizing that different regions have different specialties. Our top leathers come from France and Italy, countries that remain unmatched in their long history of fashion tanning. But we count many other countries as valued suppliers, depending on the article and cost we require.

A visit to our factory reveals a virtual cornucopia of leathers from around the world. Here we supply production for both our brands, and inventory, year round, half a dozen basic leathers including French calfskin and goatskins, Italian vachetta, fashion prints, and cowhides of many varieties from South America, Asia and the US.

Our two brands cater to all kinds of customers, from the most elite in the world to the more traditional, basic needs, with the common thread between them being qualities of originality, functionality and, above all, value. Seasonal leathers are always on hand and our search for the new and inspiring relies on a 12 month process.

Color is fundamental to the refreshment of the collection and while we stay aware of the trends, we are just as prone to lead our own path. We share our tanneries with the most elite brands in the world and enjoy standards from which the commercial brands have strayed far afield.
All our leathers must pass inspection in our own factory located in Melville, Long Island, insuring they receive the utmost scrutiny before being committed to a product.

Our leather handbags and accessories are made of beautiful genuine leathers that are tanned to give each bag a natural and soft feel. Grain and slight differences of color are characteristics of the leather and are unique to each bag.

Please note that different leathers will react differently to dyes and wear, and the bag can change appearance over time. With normal use, the bag can become slouchy and soft.

Careful care is recommended since contact with lacquer, perfume or anything containing alcohol can cause damage. Keeping your bag away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and water will prolong the life of your handbag. Exposure to makeup, oil, dyes and dark denim can stain the leather and be difficult to remove. As with all quality leather, your bag should be treated with a weatherproof protection. We recommend bringing your handbag to a leather care professional who can assist you in cleaning or restoring your bag or please call Customer Service at 1-800-232-5550.