Anna James creator of Flash Boulevard
You moved from a small southern east coast town to LA. What do you like about LA and are there other places you would like to live?

Of course. I love to travel and I love living in different places. I grew up in Georgia, went to High School in central Florida, went to College in Auburn, Alabama and then moved to Los Angeles. Now we split the year between LA and a small fishing town on the Gulf Coast. I would love to spend a year in Charleston, SC and Rhode Island, which I think is absolutely stunning. My husband and I always joke that we're nomads. We're always seeking out the next adventure. I have a mix of commitment issues and a mild case of ADD when it comes to settling down, so picking up and relocating to Rhode Island or Charleston on a whim certainly isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

I see lots of pictures of notebooks on Fashion Blvd. How do you use them and is that your preferred way of writing?

My collection of planners and notebooks is growing to a hoarders level. I love that we live in a digital age, but when it comes to planning, whether it be for my blog, photo shoots or even just grocery lists, there's nothing better than old fashioned pen to paper. I love the feeling of accomplishing things and being able to physically cross them off a list; I think it's much more mentally rewarding.

"I’m a huge fan of GiGi’s New York handbags. The quality is unmatched and the southern girl in me absolutely adores that each bag is personalized."
What is your preferred/must trusted source of information about trends? Do you read other blogs?

I love The site is super easy to navigate. I have turned to their catalog of runway shows for all of the latest trends since college. I love that they have every look from fashion week broken down by designer.

I love reading other blogs. Believe it or not, I had never been on a single fashion blog when I first started Fash Boulevard. I didn't know anything about outfit posts. I just wanted to breakdown trends, share interviews, and chat about life. It took months before I ever started sharing outfit posts. I’m extremely shy, so being in front of the camera is WAY out of my comfort zone, but these days, it's sort of a necessity. Blogging is a ton of work, certainly more than people understand, so I’m always a cheerleader for other bloggers. Creating original content everyday is just a small portion of what goes on behind the scenes, so I applaud them all.

Beyond fashion products, talk to us about some of your other favorite categories of products you like to explore.

I’m a total foodie. I love scrolling through Pinterest and reading food blogs, tracking down that next great yummy dish that I can whip up. I cook dinner every night and I love to try new foods. As a vegetarian the selections can sometimes be slim at restaurants, which is why I prefer to eat at home. After a few years of playing chef, I can pretty much turn any dish into a vegetarian friendly meal.

How did joining come about?
A few months after launching Fash Boulevard a reader reached out informing me that Lauren Conrad was holding a contest to find a guest blogger for her website for three months. I’ve never won anything before, but I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason, so I entered at the last minute and as luck would have it, after weeks of style challenges, I ended up winning. We instantly hit it off and after three months of contributing, I was asked to join Team LC. It’s been three years and counting and I’m so thankful to get to work with such a great group of ladies.
As a relatively new brand, where would you place GiGi New York in the wide world of handbags?
For me, GiGi’s New York deserves to be amongst the top luxury handbag companies. I’m a huge fan of GiGi’s New York handbags. The quality is unmatched and the southern girl in me absolutely adores that each bag is personalized.