What is it about your blog that you are most proud of?
From day one, I started the blogosphere journey with one goal set in mind, which is to inspire people. What started as a hobby has quickly become a full time job, and although collaborating with well known brands is a dream come true, I have to say that what makes me the happiest, are the emails I receive from my followers telling me how they love my style and how I have helped them find their own style, by adapting my looks to their lifestyle and personality. In the end, it's them who inspire me.
Where do you live and how has your environment shaped your life?
I was born and raised in San Diego CA, or how I like to call it, "Godsland" haha. San Diegans are nice people! The sun is always shining, we have beautiful beaches, Mexico is next door, and LA is two hours away - I really can't complain. Coming from a Spanish/Mexican family, it is comforting to have Mexico so close by, I really do have the best of both worlds! Also, I feel blessed to be fluently bilingual in both English and Spanish, which enables me to communicate with all parts of the world. Living in San Diego definitely makes me feel fortunate of where I live, reminding me to live everyday to the fullest, especially on those busy hectic days.
"I feel blessed to be fluently bilingual in both English and Spanish, which enables me to communicate with all parts of the world."
What made you pick the style and color you chose?
I wear a lot of neutral colors so choosing the Stone color was easy for me. I also like being practical and comfortable and when it comes to traveling, a crossbody bag is the way to go.
If you look at our complete collection, what leather or product most intrigues you and what would you like to see more of?
The embossed python leather is beyond beautiful, and I love the new Jenn Bucket bag. The bucket bag trend is up and coming along with backpacks! I would love to see a nice medium size backpack with tassels in the embossed python leather. Backpacks are simple yet timeless, and can be used in so many ways!
Who/What has inspired you to start blogging?
My love for fashion inspired me to start blogging as a hobby, as a way of expressing my personality and different moods through clothes and accessories. Growing up with a fashionista mom, I was immersed in the fashion world at a very small age, giving me an insight of ongoing trends every season. Thanks to my family and friends support, I got the courage to start blogging; I couldn't have done it without them!
Are clothes a means of defining yourself or a means expressing something else?
I don't believe that clothes and fashion define oneself; it is more a way of expressing a particular feeling, or mood as they are always evolving.
What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear about you?
Growing up, I was the biggest tomboy, to the point where I cut my hair and wanted to change my name to Andy. My closest cousin in age was a boy and we would play flag football and skateboard together. It wasn't until eighth grade that puberty kicked in and I started acting like a lady. It's funny to look back on those days, and although I am no longer like that, I feel as though I still have somewhat of an influence from those tomboy days, which is why I like to add a masculine feel to some of my outfits.
What is your first impression of the GiGi New York brand?
When I first visited the site, I quickly fell in love with all the different styles. My first impression was that all the bags and accessories have a simple look that are easy to incorporate to any wardrobe and almost any style. Yet, although simple the leather is great quality making all Gigi New York products timeless pieces.