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Every brand must have an intrinsic element that defines it, a thread that leads back to its origin. For GiGi it was Bennett Glazer, the Graphic Image founder, a book designer/typographer by trade.

What is it about a fine book that is pleasing to look at? The shape, the familiar form? Some printed words so natural in their appearance, effortless and flowing, almost defining what they say without needing to be read.

Bennett never designed a handbag in his life but his footprint is in a GiGi bag. Shapes that conform to the eye's wishes; colors identifiable by something favorable in the past, and style that may not be new but is refreshing and timeless.

A GiGi bag defines a shape. It neither invents it nor discovers it. It was always there but never looked so good. We are an innovative handbag company with a generation of experience in another trade, another form of art. But our experience and vision are consistent as is our commitment to quality. The origin of our thread is our foundation and remains with us to this day.

The "Great" recession, as it has come to be known, was transformative. The "given" was no longer a given. Add technology to the economic equation and, for many an industry, yesterday and today would be of little help with what you needed to plan for tomorrow.

We knew the tide was shifting, even before it hit. Even if our products were still in favor, our retail partners were struggling all over. And while technology was suggesting to some that our products had become outdated, it was simultaneously introducing a new way for us to talk to our customer. 

So we made it through the worst years; too many stories to share now. On the other side, we started making tote bags. Great shape, leather and color - the Graphic Image "thread." And then technology, the potential nemesis of Graphic Image, again brought us the unanticipated - social media and fashion influencers. With a very limited budget, we could reach millions of customers and make them aware of GiGi New York. In those days, bloggers were teachers, nurses and housewives, with blogging only a part time endeavor. Times changed fast but relationships born in those years endure today. 

Proudly it can be said about our diaries today, in the words of Mark Twain, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Our family-run factory is a place where you can hold in your hands in the afternoon something that was only an idea in the morning. Walk through our factory on any given day and see in front of you the production of fine books, leather frames, totes, clutches, accessories, and letter press stationery all being worked on at the same time. See us working on products for Harrods of London, Itoya of Tokyo, Tiffany New York and even The White House. And see the colorful leathers from faraway places such as France, New Zealand and Brazil. But most of all, see so many of the faces of the people working with their hands; product, pride and satisfaction everywhere.

"Starting from a bookbinding vision, we have grown to create a timeless, classic brand. We are excited to bring the traditional and fashion sense of both brands to you." - Tom Glazer, President of GiGi New York